Animatrix review

The_Animatrix_-_The_AlbumAlright, “Animatrix” a mini-series prequel to The matrix franchise. I say mini-series because there’s only 9 episodes I’ll start with episode 1 “The final flight of Osiris”. This episode takes place right before “The Matrix reloaded” and it’s all CGI along with being written by the Wachowski brothers and directed by Andy Jones, this episode starts with Thadeus and Jue 2 newcomers in a virtual reality dojo engaged in a spar with blindfolds and swords, why? I don’t know and it’s even more confusing why they’re aiming at eachother’s clothing. After they’re both in their underwear and take off their blindfolds and about to kiss they’re interrupted by an alarm, aw man I wanted to see more stripping of the Jue’s underwear. In the next scene, a ship called Osiris, huh, I wonder if that’s how my brother got the name for his first boxer? Anyway, it’s headed for Junction 21 when Robbie, you ready to hear who does his voice? The guy who does the voice for Spongebob. He picks up an army of Sentinels on his HR scans and the ship flees into a tunnel and guess what it runs into, more fucking sentinels patrolling the area. So the crew members decide to go all Star Wars on us and man the ship’s guns to destroy the patrol. The rest of the scene is about resurfacing 4 km above a place called “Zion” to Matrix fans, I’m sorry I’ve never watched the movies so I don’t know if this place has a major role or not. Jue volunteers to go into the Matrix to deliver a warning while the ship is pursued and you’ll never guess how Thadeus and Jue avoided accidentally cutting each other in VR training, they were peeking through their blindfolds. When they enter the Matrix on a rooftop, Jue jumps off while showing her acrobatic skills by making her way down through power poles between 2 buildings and when she lands she makes her way to a mailbox to drop a package off thus setting the prologue for the video game, wait, WHAT?!?!?! I thought this was only for the movies, oh well. She attempts to contact Thadeus as the Osiris is overcome and crashes via Sentinals. As Jue calls Thadeus is making his last stand against the Sentinals and the ship crashes and the episode ends with Jue literally dropping dead due to her body being destroyed on the ship. My take on this episode is very much half and half, visually it’s great, story just seems a little dull to me, I think it’s strongest points are in the visuals and not in the story anyway that’s it for this episode I’ll try to put the 2nd one up tomorrow.


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